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Father fitness can be a great way for dads to improve their physical health and overall. Hi, my name is Adam and I feel excited when I hear that we are going to David Lloyd Clubs. We ask all the time to go because I like to practise my swimming and tennis.

We pack the bags to go, we make sure we have swim suits and tennis rackets and snacks for afterwards. I search through my wardrobe to find jogging bottoms that I can get on after swimming because skinny jeans are very hard to pull on after we’ve been in the pool and I’m not quite dry!

Before we go to David Lloyd I go on Daddy’s phone to go on the DL app and book a tennis court. We like courts 3 and 6 because they are near the wall and it doesn’t matter if our tennis balls go a bit wild. Once we’ve booked we’re ready to go. We jump in the car and travel 20 minutes to get there. We don’t mind the journey because we are so excited to go.

The car park is sometimes busy but we always get a space. Sometimes we park by the tree where we see the squirrels.

Mammy gives us our DL passes which when we get inside we swipe and push the barrier to get through when the green light shows. When we do this the person on the desk sees our photo. Once we got stopped because there was a mistake and Emma’s photo was an old woman. It was really funny!

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We find the tennis court that we booked and set up. Then we whack the tennis balls off the walls. Not really. We whack them off people’s faces. Not really.

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We hit the tennis ball across the court to Mammy and Daddy and we play rallies. Me and Emma take turns. When one of us isn’t playing they are the ball boy or girl. We get lots of steps up on our Fitbits!

If At First You Don't Succeed - Adam

One of the first times we went Mammy managed to hit a tennis ball right in my face. It hurt.

Bombs and Boobs 4

I think my tennis is getting better each time we go. It’s one of my favourite sports and only a few people at school play it. After tennis we get our stuff and head to the changing rooms.

We walk into the changing rooms and see lots of BOOBS. We get into our swim suits, put our goggles on and get our towels. There’s lockers for our other stuff and we use a big black dark padlock.

Bombs and Boobs 5

We leave the changing rooms, hang our towel on the hooks and BOMB into the pool. This takes about ten seconds! Then we swim to the other side of the pool, climb out and get a few floats and toys from near the lifeguard. If we struggle to find what we’re looking for the lifeguard always helps. Then we BOMB back into the pool and swim a few lengths. When we find a space we play catch with a ball and we sometimes swim underwater and go through Mammy’s legs. Emma likes to do handstands and play with the sinkers. She loves to practise her front crawl with a float too.

Bombs and Boobs 6

After swimming we go in the big shower and use all the water and all the soap to wash Mammy’s big bum and Emma’s little bum. My job is to dry the swim suits in the spinner while Mammy gets our stuff out of the locker. I’m always pleased I haven’t worn my skinny jeans! We use the hairdryers to dry our hair and then meet Daddy outside who is usually watching the people play tennis.

Bombs and Boobs 7

If we’ve been good we get to go to the cafe and soft play and sometimes we play on the computers. I think the cafe is nice and the chocolate chip cookies are the best. The slide is the best thing in the soft play but I think a bigger soft play would be better.

Bombs and Boobs 8

When we leave we bash through the barrier and rate our experience on the tablet by the door. We always press the green smiley face because David Lloyd is good fun!


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