Fake Weight-Loss Drugs Prompt Warning from WHO and Eli Lilly

Fake Weight-Loss Drugs Prompt Warning from WHO and Eli Lilly
Fake Weight-Loss Drugs Prompt Warning from WHO and Eli Lilly. Credit | AP

United States: Eli Lilly Co. and the World Health Organization issued warnings lately on Thursday, advising people to stay down from the fake performances of weight- loss specifics that are being vended in several nations.

Reports of Fake Semaglutide

The WHO warn stated that since 2022, the global health association has entered numerous reports of fake semaglutide, the active element of Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy and Ozempic, worldwide.

Warnings to Healthcare Professionals and the Public

Yukiko Nakatani, Assistant Director- General for Access to medicinals and Health Products at WHO, advised” WHO advises healthcare professionals, nonsupervisory authorities, and the public to be apprehensive of these falsified batches of drugs.” “We urge all parties involved to cease using questionable medications and notify the appropriate authorities.”

Lilly’s Concerns on Tirzepatide

 Meanwhile, Lilly expressed its “deep concern” in an open letter on counterfeit or compounded forms of tirzepatide, the active component of the Lilly weight-loss medications Zepbound and Mounjaro.

 “These [fake] products are often advertised and sold online, through social media or at certain med-spas,” Lilly wrote in its letter. They may be devoid of medication, the wrong medication, dosed incorrectly, or combined with other medicines, all of which could cause grave injury. They are never safe for us.

Comparable cautions regarding Novo Nordisk’s drugs have been issued in the past.

Protective Measures for Consumers

 According to the WHO, individuals may safeguard themselves by purchasing pharmaceuticals with prescriptions from authorized medical professionals. The FDA further stated that consumers should avoid buying medications from unidentified vendors.

 Lilly, for its part, stated that any drugs sold under the names tirzepatide and not Mounjaro or Zepbound were not produced by the pharmaceutical company and had not received FDA approval for usage.