FDA Warns of Rising Illnesses from Diamond Shruumz and Mushroom Edibles

Illnesses from Diamond Shruumz and Mushroom Edibles
Illnesses from Diamond Shruumz and Mushroom Edibles

The FDA urges immediate caution as Diamond Shruumz mushroom edibles pose serious health risks, especially to childrenUnited States: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced on Tuesday that more people have become very ill after eating mushroom edibles marketed as Chocolate Bars, Cones, or Gummies under the Diamond Shruumz brand.

Reported Cases and Symptoms

 In an updated caution, the FDA stated that as of Monday, “a total of 12 illnesses have been reported from eight states.” “All 12 people have reported seeking medical care; 10 have been hospitalized.” There have been no recorded fatalities.

The symptoms have involved “seizures, central nervous system depression [loss of consciousness, confusion, sleepiness], agitation, abnormal heart rates, hyper/hypotension, nausea and vomiting,” said the FDA.

Retail and Online Sales

 Online and at smoke/vape shops, legal CBD/THC shops, and other retail locations across the country, Diamond Shruumz-brand edible mushrooms are being sold. The goods should no longer be sold by retailers, per FDA requests.

According to the organization, children are especially at risk from the edibles.”

“This product may appeal to children and teenagers as it is marketed as a candy,” the Food and Drug Administration said. “Parents and carers should consider discussing the information in this advisory with their children and take extra care to avoid this product being consumed by younger people.”

Potential Dangers Compared to Other Substances 

Regretfully, researchers have found that Amanita muscaria, the second type of shroom, has the potential to be much more lethal than fentanyl, cocaine, and PCP. 

 Senior researcher Eric Leas, who is currently working at the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science and an assistant professor at the University of California stated that marketing the two kinds of mushrooms as almost identical is not only incorrect but also potentially harmful. 

Children at Heightened Risk Due to Candy-Like Appeal 

Children are especially at risk from the foods, the organization stated. 

As this product seems very appealing to the children because this is marketed as candy, the food and Drug administration stated. Parents should take care of their children to avoid this product which is being consumed by younger people.

What to Do in Case of Illness

 In the event that someone becomes unwell after consuming products under the Diamond Shruumz brand, they should notify the Poison Help Line by calling 800-222-1222.