Natural Compound from Olives Supports Weight Loss

Natural Compound from Olives Supports Weight Loss
Natural Compound from Olives Supports Weight Loss. Credit | Getty images

United States: Scientists have discovered that a substance from olives called elenolic acid can lower the sugar level in blood with weight loss in mice. After just one week, the mice that took elenolic acid weighed less and had better blood sugar control compared to those that didn’t. This finding could lead to new, safe, and cheap ways to treat diabetes and obesity in people.

Research Presentation

A scientist in Liu’s lab at Virginia Tech, Hana Alkhalidy, a PhD research scientist, will present the findings at NUTRITION 2024, the flagship yearly meeting of the American Society for Nutrition, held July 2 in Chicago.

Natural Compounds for Diabetes Management

However Liu’s team focuses on discovering bioactive compounds from the natural products for diabetes management and previously, they looked for specific molecular targets for natural compounds in the parts of the body that actively help and regulate the metabolism such as the pancreas, muscle, fat, tissues and liver and since these natural products typically have bioavailability and they decided to see if they could do it instead target metabolic hormone secretion in the gut to regulate metabolic function indirectly.

Elenolic Acid Affects Gut Hormones GLP-1 and PYY

For the new work, the researchers began by identifying or recognizing the natural compounds that act on L-cells, which contain two hormones released during the meal and particular hormones called GLP-1 and PYY, which work together to promote satiety and prevent overeating while also controlling the blood sugar levels and metabolism.

Elenolic Acid Improves Metabolic Health in Obese Mice

These test of compounds in obese mice with diabetes revealed that mice that received oral elenolic acid experienced significant and major improvements in their metabolic health compared to obese control mice.

Promising Future for Elenolic Acid

This Elenolic acid majorly reduces food intake and promotes weight loss, which are associated with improved circulating levels of PYY and GLP-1 and not regulated of agouti related peptide in the hypothalamus. “Overall, the study showed that elenolic acid from olives has promising effects on hormone release and metabolic health, particularly in obese and diabetic conditions,” said Liu. “The compound seems to mimic the physiological conditions of eating to directly promote gut metabolic hormone secretion, which helps regulate energy balance and metabolic health.”