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If you haven’t heard by now, we recently experienced Reima Kidventure in Lapland and what an adventure it was!

Prior to day one, we had flown from Manchester as it was a direct flight to Helsinki. The kids were so excited (obviously) and you can read my little boy’s thoughts here. It makes for a great read!

I can remember opening my eyes on the morning of day one to pure silence. It was amazing. In the UK, we hear birds singing, cars travelling and there’s generally an industrial humming noise of some kind in the distance.

After breakfast in the Colorado Restaurant, we joined the briefing and then got the bus to Iisakki Village. Once the kids left the bus, we had a mad few minutes of everyone climbing and jumping in the snow. It was so much fun to watch and there were happy faces all round. Even when I got stuck in the snow and no-one would help me out, haha!

We split off into smaller groups and headed through the woods to a nearby lake. We were going ice fishing and this was one of the activities I was really looking forward to – even if we didn’t catch a fish!

After ice fishing we had a quick cup of hot juice and a biscuit in a nearby hut. Then we were off to do ice sculpting and we decided as a group to attempt a Gooey. This is the Reima mascot! After this we went kick sledging and Emma and I nearly ran someone over, haha!

Reima Kidventure Day One

It was now dinner time and my tummy was rumbling. I turn into the Incredible Hulk if I don’t eat regularly. We were taken to a nearby cart where we were served chicken soup and bread with cheese. It was delicious! We sat in a wooden teepee and the fire was roaring! Harri (the Reima photographer) captured this beautiful family photograph…

Reima Kidventure Day One

It was now our turn to go snowmobiling and I must admit I was excited and nervous about this. Nervous because my friend had messaged me the night before to tell me how his Mrs had flipped theirs over into a tree and wrote it off!

The kids would sit in a sleigh at the front and Amy and I were on our own snowmobile further down the line. It was amazing! Reima Kidventure Day One

The kids really enjoyed it too and they got the opportunity to go on their own smaller snowmobile, which they loved.

Reima Kidventure Day One

Image captured by Harri Tarvainen.

Right next to this was an area with a snow wheel. All the kids loved this, as you can see from the photograph above. There was a language barrier but we still have kids together having fun. It was a beautiful moment.

Finishing off with a nice meal at Piste restaurant and a sauna when we got back to our room, what an opening day it was! I made the following video, which I hope captures our day as I have described it above.

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