Simple But Fun Ideas For Spending Time With Your Children

Whether you’ve got an unexpected day off or want to simply treat your child, there are plenty of activities you could choose from and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Quite often, when children ask to spend time with you, it can lead to theme parks and holidays that we can’t always oblige with. But it isn’t just about how much money you spend, the time spent is much more critical for the development and relationship with your children. According to the courts, January is the month where most divorce solicitors are contacted. Maybe you’re a single parent and money is tight, especially at this time of year. If you think back to when you were a child yourself, you will remember who you spend time with (and what you did), not how much money you spent in the process. So here are some ideas on ways you can spend time with your children, without breaking the bank.


Taking the children swimming and then going for a walk, or a bag of chips is a firm favourite for many children. Definitely ours! We simply can’t wait to head back to our David Lloyd Club soon! And not only are you spending time having fun, but you are also going to be improving your overall health and well-being from the exercise. Ensuring that you spend time together is essential, and added side-effects such as extra exercise is undoubtedly a boost in the right direction.

Many parents decide to take the children swimming every week, and sometimes it can lead to swimming lessons as a commitment Regularly. But you may find yourself falling in love with him in yourself as well. Great exercise, fun and not expensive, there’s nothing to lose with this one.

Board Games

Taking an afternoon to play some board games including monopoly, or chest, for example, it’s something that many children look forward to. Even if your children are still very young you might find you teach them to become great card players, and losing to them regularly, which can bring mixed emotions, such as pride for them and disappointment for yourself, and if that isn’t exactly what parenting is all about, then what is?

Simple But Fun Ideas For Spending Time With Your Children

The hours of fun you can have with some snacks, drinks and some games are impressive, most people end up with a favourite board game to play, such as the game of life, or Othello, but whatever you and your family decide, will become your own games night traditions. And it certainly isn’t about who wins with this one, even if you’re all competitive, it’s more to do with the time spent bonding, and the experience this brings.

Arts and Crafts

Getting out the paints and spending a couple of hours creating some masterpieces, is something that most children really enjoy. And you can even gain some wall art out of the set up as well. Drawing, colouring, and painting can really enhance the child’s excellent motor skills, and their overall well-being too.

Simple But Fun Ideas For Spending Time With Your Children

Why not create some birthday gifts for family and friends, while you’re at it? This, of course, doesn’t cost much at all. And many discount stores sell low-cost art supplies.


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